Monday, December 18, 2017
Family Law Issues

Family Law Issues (3)

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Elusive Innocence assists parents wrongly accused of abuse and their attorneys, as well as child protective investigators during their intake assessments, therapists and judges. From actual case studies including the authors, to chapters on the accused, accuser, alleged child victim and agencies; to a detailed roadmap on how-to counter unfounded and false child abuse and/or domestic violence allegations; to Borderline Personality Disorder and Parental Alienation; and to sections on how-to choose the right lawyer, Daubert v. Frye, and "Consistent With What, Exactly?" Elusive Innocence is the all-in-one handbook every parent, defense attorney, prosecutor, judge, therapist, social worker, teacher, and police officer should read.
How to_Avoid_Getting_Screwed How To Avoid 'Getting Screwed' When Getting Laid," ... A 21st Century Survival Guide For The Modern Male is not a salacious or sexist book. It is a thoughtful, researched book for women as well as men to help each REALISTICALLY deal with the enormous complexities of ANY intimate relationship. There is no lewdness, crudeness, bashing or profanity in my book!  It is very "down to earth" and addresses issues in a manner that is appropriate for men. It covers dating, DNA testing, paternity issues, child support, living together, marriage, restraining orders, domestic violence, cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements and exit strategies / divorce. This book accurately identifies the social, economic and legal problems that men encounter in romantic relationships, while at the same time offering possible suggestions and solutions to alleviate or avoid these problems all together!
41pfOkcxMlL  SL125 10 stupid mistakesThe Knowledge Every Man Needs for a Successful Divorce

Each year 500,000 men will face divorce, and most of them make at least one crucial—and often irreversible—mistake. These errors might seem minor, such as moving out while things get sorted out, or thinking of “temporary” orders as being truly temporary. But when they get to court, these men discover they have put themselves in a terrible position. They may have to give up their house, pay impossibly high alimony, or even lose custody.

Joseph Cordell, the founder of the nation’s largest law firm focusing on men’s divorce and the creator of, has seen the consequences of the mistakes men make. Drawing upon the huge number of cases that Cordell & Cordell has handled, this book identifies the 10 most common mistakes that end up hurting men in divorce.