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The first edition of Philip W. Cook's book, Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence (Praeger, 1997), drew attention and praise nationwide from individuals and from media, ranging from CNN and Fox network's The O'Reilly Factor to scholarly publications such as The Journal of Marriage and Family. On the 10th anniversary of that groundbreaking book, Cook began revising and expanding his work. The result is this second edition—a disturbing look at a trend that continues to increase.

The new edition of Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence offers up-to-date data on the prevalence of intimate partner violence against men, incorporating personal interviews and cases drawn from the media. It also includes updates on law, legislation, court activity, social responses, police activity, support groups, batterer programs, and crisis intervention programs. The final chapter contains a detailed and specific description of needed reforms in the current approach to intimate partner violence, whether the victims are male or female.

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Dying To Be Men

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Masculinity has a powerful effect on the health of men and boys. Indeed, many of the behaviors they use to "be men" actually increase their risk of disease, injury, and death. In this book, Dr. Will Courtenay, an internationally recognized expert on men's health, provides a foundation for understanding this troubling reality. With a comprehensive review of data and literature, he identifies specific gender differences in the health-related attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of men and boys and the health consequences of these differences. He then describes the powerful social, environmental, institutional, and cultural influences that encourage their unhealthy behaviors and constrain their adoption of healthier ones. In the book's third section, he more closely examines the health needs of specific populations of men, such as ethnic-minority men, rural men, men in college, and men in prisons. Courtenay also provides four empirical studies conducted with multidisciplinary colleagues that examine the associations between masculinity and men and boys' health beliefs and practices. Finally, he provides specific strategies and an evidence-based practice guideline for working with men in a variety of settings, as well as a look to the future of men's health.
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Invisible Men

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Michael Addis bookDrawing on scientific research, as well as his own personal and clinical experience, award-winning research psychologist Michael E. Addis describes in this book an epidemic of personal, relational, and societal problems that are caused by the widespread invisibility of men's vulnerabilities. From increasing rates of suicide among men, to alcohol abuse, to violence and school shootings, his research reveals the continued cost of staying silent when emotional, physical, or spiritual pain enters men's lives.

In the spirit of such bestsellers as William Pollack's Real Boys, Addis identifies the specific problems that result from men's silence and invisibility, what causes them, and how they can be changed. Addis provides readers with compelling stories of the causes and consequences of silence and invisibility in real men's lives. Invisible Men shows both male and female readers how they can break through the gauntlets that appear to protect men, but in reality cause severe harm to men, women, and families.

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Partner Abuse

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partner abuseSpringer Publishing Company journal Partner Abuse just published the final installment of the most comprehensive review of the scholarly domestic violence research literature ever conducted. It concluded, among other things, that women perpetrate physical and emotional abuse, and engage in control behaviors, at comparable rates to men. The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge project, or PASK, is an unparalleled three-year research project, conducted by 42 scholars at 20 universities and research centers, and including information on 17 areas of domestic violence research.
relationship masqIn earlier times, masquerades were sensual, festive gatherings in which participants wore masks and costumes to conceal their normal identities, and so freed themselves to be whoever they wished. We look here at something similar, in which egos, expectations, and nature herself combine to fashion myths and shared fantasies of who and what we are, which are at odds with our real selves. In "Relationship Masquerades," Driscoll teams with Nancy Ann Davis, PhD, who is also his wife, to clarify our stranger fictions. Some of the material is good natured fun, while some is extremely important to getting along together. The material speaks to both sides of relationships, although some sections will be especially important to men.

Again and again, we find ourselves in a fantasyland, up against a vast sea of sympathy toward women and harsh criticism towards men which is way out of proportion to our true qualities. Why the bias? Where does it come from? And what are we to do about it?
Frontier RomanceMany scholars focus on the institutions and legal systems important to freedom. The Frontier Romance explores a new dimension--- the psychology of freedom.   American master narratives, such as the story of immigration and of going to the frontier create a psychology that valorizes such virtues as self-reliance, independence, and the courage to start over.   

The Frontier Romance explores the ways in which people who go to Alaska, which styles itself as “the last frontier,” use the  frontier romance to create lives which signify freedom and opportunity.  I describe  people who chose “to go west young man and grow up with the country.”  I describe people who go to the frontier to create unconventional lives--  “modern day mountain men,” “wilderness women,”  and communal societies, a “city on a hill.” While Europeans imagined such Utopias, Americans created a wild profusion of such societies, typically on the frontier.

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The Wonder of Aging

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The Wonder of Aging use thisNew York Times bestselling author Michael Gurian offers a comprehensive look at the emotional, spiritual, and cognitive dimensions of life after fifty in THE WONDER OF AGING. Called “the people’s philosopher” for his ability to apply scientific ideas to our ordinary lives, Gurian, author of 26 books, sees our second half of life as an enormously fruitful, exciting, and fulfilling time.

Drawing on scientific research as well as anecdotes that respond to the needs of his many clients, he goes beyond the physical-centered view of aging and presents a new, holistic paradigm for embracing opportunities that come with life after fifty. The Wonder of Aging focuses on the physical, mental, relational, and spiritual aspects of aging, discussing topics such as sex, how men and women age differently, effects of aging on the brain, living with a sense of legacy and purpose, becoming an elder, and how to peacefully navigate the last chapter of life.