Monday, August 31, 2015

Duped ‘Dads’ Aren’t The Only Ones Hurt By Paternity Fraud

Posted in Family Law Issues 8/31/2015

A warm "thank you" to Diane Dimond for writing this excellent article on Paternity Fraud.

"... Countless children go through life not knowing the true identities of their fathers. Shame on their mothers. And shame on the U.S. court system that, more often than you realize, forces child support on men with no DNA connection. ..." 

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New Dads Should Always Be Able To Sleep Overnight In Maternity Wards

Posted in Fatherhood 8/31/2015

"... As a new NHS policy, which allows men to sleep overnight on maternity wards, is rolled out nationally, Dr Irene Gafson explains why the option must be there and the vital role a partner can play in the immediate postnatal period. ..."

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Jared Fogle's Wife Katie Fogle Files For Divorce, Requests Court Determine Child Custody Details

Posted in Entertainment News 8/27/2015

"... Jared Fogle’s wife, Katie, filed for divorce from the former Subway spokesperson on Wednesday, Aug. 19, the same day the U.S. attorney’s office released documents alleging the 37-year-old had solicited underage sex and had received child pornography. ..."

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