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C-USA Schools Ready To Pay Athletes Beyond Scholarship

Posted in Athletes 7/24/2014

"... The NCAA Board of Directors will vote on Aug. 7 whether to accept a proposal from the Power Five conferences (ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC) for autonomy in decision-making, including the group's push for paying full cost-of-attendance. Banowsky said C-USA could follow suit by voting on a similar measure in January and begin paying student-athletes full cost-of-attendance by the start of the 2015-16 academic year. ..." 

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This Week In Home Entertainment: Transcendence, Heaven Is For Real And More

Posted in Entertainment News 7/24/2014

"... With numerous high profile actors, a script that made the Blacklist in 2012 and a pretty high budget, Transcendence had all of the makings of a blockbuster success story. In fact, due to director Wally Pfister’s prominent past working on Christopher Nolan’s well-received films, Nolan even signed on to executive produce the story. ..."

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The Power of Vision -- What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

Posted in Athletes 7/24/2014

"... Imagine yourself at the Winter Olympics in Sochi sitting on the bench with all the other athletes, waiting your turn to give what could be the most important performance of your life. All of a sudden, the athlete next to you starts moving his arms in the air, doing a strange pantomime of his event. His eyes roll back in his head, his arms flap around, and he smacks the bench. Believe it or not, this is the new norm as visualization infiltrates athletic competitions. ..."

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Crash of Malaysian Jet Shakes Business Travel

Posted in Businessmen 7/24/2014

"... ON any given day, there are about 100,000 commercial airline flights, flying more than 50,000 separate routes, around a world where armed conflict is always occurring, somewhere. As companies send business travelers on assignments that often venture into — and even more often over — dangerous areas, employers have become ever more cognizant of a legal and ethical issue called duty of care. ..."

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The Perils of Mixing Politics and Business

Posted in Politicians 7/24/2014

"... Astute business people generally do not make their political views widely known, because they realize that about half of their customers agree with them and half do not. There is no need to unnecessarily create animosity, especially when you are trying to sell products. ..." 

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'Fifty Shades of Grey': Battle of the sexes isn’t about equality, it’s about who’s going to surrender

Posted in Gender Issues

By Suzanne Venker - Fox News 7/23/2014

"...The truth is, the battle of the sexes isn’t about equality—it’s about who’s going to surrender to whom. Those are two different things. When a woman stops trying to be in charge of everything, which in reality is making her nuts, she finds she’s more satisfied than ever. She feels lighter. She feels cared for. ..."

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5 Smart Steps to Combat Workplace Bullying

Posted in Bullying 7/23/2014

"... Every time I opened my mouth to speak during staff meetings, this guy at work would cut me off. “That’s not true,” he’d say loudly, or, “I disagree with that.” Then he’d launch into his own argument – part of which would trash mine. This became such an uncomfortable occurrence in our weekly team meetings that all I could do was back down. ..."

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Bill Gates On Higher Education

Posted in Education 7/23/2014

"... Bill Gates addressed the business officers of colleges and universities Monday at the annual meeting of theNational Association of College and University Business Officers in Seattle. He opined that higher education is one of the key elements in providing equal opportunity for all and, that for this to happen, we all need to have equal access to higher education and an equal chance of succeeding. ..."

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Hobby Lobby: Gender Stereotypes Confuse the Equality Debate

Posted in Gender Issues 7/23/2014

"... There has been much fallout from the Hobby Lobby decision to deny birth control coverage to women, but one aspect of the decision that has been overlooked is how much influence gender stereotypes have on the debate. Gender equality issues arguably begin for any society at the point of birth. With social divisions such as the application of the colors blue for a boy and pink for a girl, it is easy to understand why this problem arises after years of pop-cultural bombardment. ..."

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