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New Book From Suzanne Venker, The Two-Income Trap: Why Parents Are Choosing to Stay Home

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Suzanne Venker 12/22/2014

Press Release from Suzanne Venker about her new book, The Two-Income Trap: Why Parents Are Choosing to Stay Home.

Dear All,
President Obama insulted millions of parents when he announced in October that leaving the workplace to stay home with the kids “is not a choice we want Americans to make.” In a plea for expanded daycare, the President claimed government preschool is “good for families [and] children” and allows women to be “full and equal participants in [the] economy.”
Americans disagree—strongly. According to Public Agenda70% of parents with children under age five believe “having a parent at home is best.” Seventy percent. This finding is commensurate with 2014 Pew data that shows 60% of Americans say children are “better off when a parent stays home to focus on the family.”

And that's precisely what parents are doing. In 2012, the share of stay-at-home mothers rose to 29%, up from a modern-era low of 23% in 1999. In addition, over the past decade the number of at-home dads has doubled

My new book, The Two-Income Trap: Why Parents Are Choosing to Stay Home, provides vital support for this growing segment of our society. I implode the myth of 'having it all' and offer parents, women in particular, a new view of work-family balance. Women can have most of what they want over the course of their lives, but not if they follow the cultural script feminists have laid out for them. To be successful in both arenas, women must adjust their expectations and accept that when we choose to have children, we choose a life of trade-offs. So do men.

For a free sample of The Two-Income Trap, click here
To purchase the book, click here and scroll to the bottom. (The book would make a great Christmas gift for the at-home parent you know!) Alternatively, if you have a column/website/readership and would like to review or highlight The Two-Income Trap, please email me directly and I will send you a complimentary copy.

All best and Happy New Year! "

-Suzanne Venker

The Rise Of Daddy Daycare

Posted in Fatherhood 12/22/2014

"... Even though the burden of cultural expectation still generally falls on mothers, fathers now spend almost five more hours on childcare each week than they did in 1965. In fact, fathers now perform 4.6 more hours of childcare and 4.4 more hours of housework each week than they did in in 1965, according to a report from the White House Council of Economic Advisors. ..."

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Thousands Of Fathers Will Spend Christmas Alone

Posted in Divorce 12/22/2014

"... Two thirds of people in their thirties and forties who live alone are men, and many of them are fathers who will be spending Christmas Day by themselves, writes David Atkinson. From the divorced to the bereaved via fathers working away from home, thousands of men will miss that special moment of watching their children open their presents on Christmas morning this year.

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Even Men Undergo Hormonal Changes On Way To Fatherhood, Study Finds

Posted in Fatherhood 12/22/2014

"... Impending fatherhood can lower two hormones--testosterone and estradiol--for men, even before their babies are born, a new University of Michigan study found. Other studies indicate that men's hormones change once they become fathers, and there is some evidence that this is a function of a decline after the child's birth. ..."

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Dealing With Divorce During The Holidays

Posted in Divorce 12/22/2014

"... Planning is critical when it comes to determining where and how your children will spend the holidays. A plan established well ahead of time reduces anxiety and uncertainty for everyone. Decide early how the holidays will be celebrated in the case of inter-faith families. Have manageable expectations in place. The tone of the holidays is much more important than the details themselves. ..."

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4 Problems With The Modern Child-Support System

Posted in Child Support 12/19/2014

"... The child-support system covers about a quarter of American children, and can provide a crucial safety net for some families. But it is obvious the current laws need significant restructuring. Here are four of the most critical flaws of the current child-support system. ..."

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In A Moving Message, Child Lets His Divorced Parents In On a Secret That Could Change Everything

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"... During a divorce or separation parents are often fighting over assets, who's fault the breakup is, and custody of the children. What is often forgotten is the children -- how their lives are going to change and how they feel. ..."

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Doctor On Demand Launches Virtual Mental Health Visits

Posted in Mental Health 12/18/2014

"... Mobile telemedicine company Doctor on Demand has found a promising new use for its technology platform enabling customers to have virtual visits with a mental health professional. The San Francisco-based startup has completely redesigned its app to reflect the expansion of its services to mental health. It has also set up a whole new network of mental health professionals in all 50 states to answer customers’ calls. ..."

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Jack Nicholson Beams Fatherly Pride As He Steps Out With Daughter Lorraine To An Art Show In Beverly Hills

Posted in Entertainment News 12/18/2014

"... It's a rare sight to see a legendary Hollywood lothario like Jack Nicholson turn to putty. That's the effect his lovely daughter Lorraine Nicholson appeared to be having on him as they attended TASCHEN and David Bailey's It's Just A Shot Away: The Rolling Stones In Photographs show on Saturday together. ..."

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