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Campus Sex Assault Bill Flattens Due Process

Posted in Sexual Abuse 8/20/2014

"... In the past couple of weeks, three bills have been introduced to address campus sexual assault, the most noteworthy of which is the Campus Safety and Accountability Act. But far from ordering colleges to honor the Constitution, the bill turns the Bill of Rights upside down by favoring the interests of the accuser over the rights of the accused, assuming a crime has taken place instead of determining whether a crime took place. ..."

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Columbia Cancels Popular Concert Over Sex Assault Fears

Posted in Sexual Abuse 8/20/2014

"... A popular, twice-a-year concert at Columbia University has been put out to pasture after administrators decided that the event was causing sexual assaults at the school. The abrupt cancellation will cost the school over $55,000 in payouts to the organizing committee to make up for payments made to artists scheduled to attend. ..."

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Professors Slam Pixar For Sexist Portrayal Of Boys In Disney Films

Posted in Boys Issues 8/20/2014

"... According to two Missouri State professors, Pixar’s animated movies disenfranchise young boys who do not fit society’s definition of masculinity. English professors Shannon Wooden and Ken Gillam have outlined their concerns in their book,Pixar’s Boy Stories: Masculinity in a Post Modern Age, published in April. Wooden and Gillam feel there has been a large emphasis on Disney’s sexist and offensive portrayal of princesses, but they didn’t feel boys were receiving adequate public attention for their disservice. ..." 

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Estate Agent Who Glassed Me Was Only Spared Jail Because She Is Female

Posted in Domestic Violence 8/20/2014

"... Sentencing her, Judge Harrow said: ‘You have a breathtaking record of violence, one of the worst I have ever seen from anyone your age. If the genders were reversed would a man with a record of violence been given such a light sentence and NO jail time? ..."

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Appeal from Leading Women for Shared Parenting

Posted in Policy & Legislation

yes for shared parentingIf You Want a Shared Parenting Movement, Here’s an Opportunity

On May 17th, 2004, Massachusetts became the first US State to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. In the following decade, eighteen additional States passed laws allowing gay marriage and fourteen others have rulings moving through appellate courts. It would be almost impossible to argue that allowing gay marriage in Massachusetts didn’t help its advocates in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, California and elsewhere.

Clearly, there are differences between the gay marriage and shared parenting movements, as there would be with any two social issues. High on the list of differences is that lawyers favor gay marriage, in part because it opens an entirely new revenue stream, and opposeshared parenting, as it lessens parental conflict, thus lowering their revenue. But amongst the similarities is how shared parenting will be implemented throughout the world; territory by territory with each new conversion helping those that follow.

Every social movement needs that kind of turning point; be it in Massachusetts for gay marriage, the Montgomery Bus Boycott for African American Civil Rights or the march to the Dharasana Salt Works for the Indian Independence Movement. Recently, such an opportunity has emerged to launch a shared parenting movement, and I’m personally asking YOU for help.

On July 21st, North Dakota Secretary of State Alvin Jaeger certified that local advocates had collected enough signatures to have a Shared Parenting ballot initiative included in the November 4th election. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only territory in the world where citizens will have a binding vote on shared parenting, without having to go through attorney controlled Judiciary Committee’s or Task Forces. Further cause for optimism is in poll after poll, shared parenting is extremely popular with the public, with no difference in the opinion of women and men.

Additionally, four national shared parenting organizations, Leading Women for Shared Parenting, Divorce Corp, Stand Up for Gus and American Coalition for Fathers & Children, will be working seamlessly with North Dakota advocates to educate the public about the benefits of shared parenting. Each group brings unique skills and assets, and jointly, we’ll be more effective than individually. For the first time, we have the opportunity to bring prominent women, attorneys, domestic violence experts, celebrities, prominent social scientists and others to the cause. After lots of hard work, the pieces are coming together, to have North Dakota be a launching point for a shared parenting movement. I’ll promise you, if we can win in North Dakota, it will increase the momentum in your territory. That’s why you should get involved.

So why do I hope you don’t like this? Because I want you to spend your time much more effectively.

“Liking” things on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere does practically nothing to help the cause and we need you to take more substantial action. We’re already aware those who profit from the conflict generated by the existing family court system have met to plan their opposition strategy. These extremists oppose doing what 110 of the world’s leading child development experts say is best for children, primarily for personal financial reasons. They’ve generated millions from this system, and are willing to spend some of it to defend their income stream.

To offset them, we need your help.

If you’re reading this article on your smart phone, tablet or via your home internet connection, it’s almost certain you could find $5 to donate to the cause. Will you? I just did, and it took less than 90 seconds. Some of you are able to invest more; $20, $50 or $100. Can you? Yes, we’re talking to larger donors in the hopes of receiving more significant donations, but we need to show commitment from the public to further their interest. Let me tell you how.

There are currently two organizations who need your financial support.

The first is North Dakota Shared Parenting for Kids (NDSP4K), which is the main site for North Dakota advocates who have gotten shared parenting on the ballot. I’m asking you to please, make a donation to this site through the link provided here. Donations will be used to ensure the benefits of shared parenting are communicated honestly to the public. The site also has impressive software, allowing you to share the news of your donation with all of your social media friends, letting them know of your belief in shared parenting. Please use this technology to ask your friends to donate as well.

The second is Stand Up for Gus which is currently raising funds through a link provided here. Funds raised by Stand Up For Gus will be used to offer support towards the North Dakota Shared Parenting Initiative and launch a National Public Service Announcement helping millions of alienated children.

If we’re going to succeed in building this movement, we need leaders who will recognize, develop and seize opportunities. We also need everyone to understand, FUNDRAISING IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY. Please do your part; invest 2 minutes and $20 (or more) now.

So I hope you now understand why I truly don’t want you to “like” this article… but I also hope you’ll “share” this message with everyone.

Thank You.

Terry Brennan

Proton Therapy Gives Pierre Man A Clean Bill Of Health, Minus The Side Effects

Posted in Prostate Cancer 8/19/2014

"... The National Cancer Institute said about 15.3 percent of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives, going by recent data. There are about 147.8 new cases of prostate cancer per 100,000 men each year, and 23.0 deaths per 100,000 men each year. In 2011, about 2,707,821 men were living with prostate cancer in the United States. ..."

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Weight Loss Differs Between The Sexes

Posted in Weight Loss 8/19/2014

"... You're not imagining it: There really are differences between the way men and women diet, lose weight and respond to exercise. Some differences stem from biology; other differences are behavioral. Though many of these seem to give men a head start, they shouldn't be taken to imply that guys have it easy. No matter who you are or where you're starting, the road to your ideal weight is difficult at best, and confusing for most. ..."

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