Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New York State Legislature Passes Alimony Overhaul

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Wsj.com 6/29/2015

"... The New York state Senate passed sweeping revisions Wednesday to alimony laws that change how some payments are set and eliminate a long-debated requirement that judges calculate the lifetime value of a license or professional degree earned during the marriage, even if the spouse changed careers later. ..."

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Domestic Violence Against Men: High Time Government Addressed The Problem

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Ibnlive.com 6/24/2015

"... As there is a lot of social stigma towards men abused by women, most of the male victims do not come out in open and do not share their ordeal with family, friends or colleagues. Male victims of domestic violence are ridiculed and considered as unmanly. Such thinking is chauvinistic and it is harmful. ..."

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