Friday, March 24, 2017

Steady U.S. Job Growth Sets Stage For Fed To Raise Interest Rates

Posted in Jobs & Employment 3/22/2017

"... The Labor Department reported a gain of 235,000 jobs and healthy wage growth in a month when even the weather cooperated. It was the last major data release before Fed policy makers meet Tuesday and Wednesday, when they have signaled their intent to increase the benchmark interest rate. ..."

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Huge Surge In Online Mental Health Appointments Attacked By Specialists

Posted in Mental Health 3/21/2017

"... People with depression and anxiety are increasingly being offered online therapy through the NHS’s flagship mental health scheme, using methods that one expert said “fly in the face of what it means to be human”. ..."

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Weight Loss, Especially With Surgery, Tied To Lower Risk Of Heart Failure

Posted in Weight Loss 3/21/2017

"... Obese people who get surgery to lose weight have half the risk of developing heart failure as do patients who make lifestyle changes to shed excess pounds, a recent study suggests. ..."

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