Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More Accurate Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Offered By Sensor Chip

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Medicalnewstoday.com 7/14/2015

"... Prostate cancer is one of the most deadly cancers for men, but current diagnosis methods using antibodies are not completely reliable. A new sensor chip could be the solution to the problem, however, making prostate cancer diagnosis more efficient and reliable according to the results of a recent study. ..."

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Effective Mental Health Treatment For Young Children And Their Families

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Huffingtonpost.com 7/14/2015

"... Young children can and do face mental health challenges. Many factors contribute to mental health difficulties of infants and young children -- from medical and developmental disorders to exposure to adversity, such as trauma or the stress that can come from situations such as witnessing domestic/community violence or living in poverty. ..."

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The Science Of Fatherhood

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Phillyvoice.com 7/13/2015

"... “Parenting is one of the most powerful therapy experiences for people,” Garfield said. “It teaches them about stillness, and many men learn emotional skills that help them and their health when they're intimately involved in parenting experiences.” ..."

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The Latest Statistics On Teenage Births Are Missing A Vital Ingredient: Fathers

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Theconversation.com 7/13/2015

"... It’s time to engage teenage men not just as part of the problem of unintended pregnancy in teenagers’ lives but as part of the solution. To do this, we should ensure that teenage fathers are always registered as fathers at the birth of their children. ..."

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