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Audit finds state Dept. of Child Support Enforcement overpaid collection agencies for years

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By ABC 15 5/28/2013

"The Arizona Department of Economic Security’s Division of Child Support Enforcement has known about costly flaws in its collection system at least since 2007 but did nothing about it for years, according to an Arizona Department of Economic Security internal affairs report obtained by the ABC15 Investigators."

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Wayward Sons

Posted in Gender Issues

By David Autor and Melanie Wasserman - Third Way

"This paper, by two MIT economists, David Autor and Melanie Wasserman, presents the reader with two of the biggest and most
important trends in recent decades. The first is the growing disparity between men and women in both educational attainment and
economic well-being; the second is the change in family structure. ..."

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Call the Doctor! Our Guys Are Drowning!

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By Dennis Barbour - The Good Men Project 5/25/2013

"...Yet, like me on that fateful day when I was nine, once most young males leave their pediatrician’s office for the last time they do not return to a health care provider for regular visits until their mid-thirties, if then. ..."

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