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Bridging the male education gap

Posted in Education

By Los Angeles Times 6/11/2013

"...Despite rising college costs and the many other challenges facing America's schools, women have made extraordinary strides in education. They have overtaken men in high school and college completion in the last few decades, earning 58% of bachelor's degrees and 62% of postsecondary occupational certificates. ..."

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Ex-offenders face tens of thousands of legal restrictions, bias and limits on their rights

Posted in Criminal Law

By ABA Journal 6/1/2013

"...The ex-offenders he works with face a variety of collateral consequences that make their recovery harder. He cites the steep fines faced by ex-offenders (many of whom can’t find income-generating jobs) that make it impossible to regain their driver’s licenses, setting them up for more legal trouble. ..."

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