Thursday, December 8, 2016

Learn From The Worst Alimony Laws In The United States

Posted in Alimony 11/9/2015

"... Unfortunately, the statute is antiquated and there’s a wide spectrum of interpretation applied into judgments – keeping upstanding citizens – women and men – in court for years battling abusive alimony, and in some cases, permanent alimony, or financial commitments that are at times up to 100% of their income. ..."

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Local Father Refused To Give Up On Son

Posted in Fatherhood 11/9/2015

"... Time again we've seen the early morning raids, dead beat dads hauled off in handcuffs forced to be accountable to their kids. What we rarely see though are the good dads in court struggling and fighting for the chance to be with their children. ..."

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‘TBBT’ Kaley Cuoco Talks Dark Ryan Sweeting Divorce?

Posted in Entertainment News 11/5/2015

"... At first it looked like Kaley Cuoco's divorce from Ryan Sweeting was going to be relatively painless due to the Big Bang Theory actress' ironclad prenup, but after both sides seemed to feed the press awful rumors about one another immediately following the breakup, it seem like things are destined to get nasty. ..."

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