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Would more men take a ‘use it or lose it’ paternity leave?

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By The Globe and Mail 4/12/2013

"...Warren Farrell, author of Father and Child Reunion: How to Bring the Dads We Need to the Children We Love, discovered many other positive results stemming from a use it or lose it approach to paternity leave. ..."

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An economy that’s tearing our society apart

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By The Washington Post 4/15/2013

"...Even before the Great Recession, men with a high school diploma or less faced lower wages and a harder time finding work. This made them less attractive as husbands, contributing to the growth of single-parent families. Stubbornly high unemployment almost certainly aggravates these destructive trends. ..."

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NCFM Transitions, April 2013 Edition, the longest running, oldest, and only Men’s Rights Journal on the planet

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By Harry Crouch - NCFM April 2013

"Chris Thompson, President of our Montana chapter, and his wife Nevada started a chapter of NCFM on Montana State University. To our
knowledge that’s the first men’s rights organization to gain official recognition on a major university campus. We intend to replicate this historic success."

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