Monday, June 29, 2015

A Kinder, Gentler Turn To The Gender Wars?

Posted in Gender Issues

USA Today 7/2/2014

"... Are we coming to a truce in the gender wars? Or just opening a second front? Or, perhaps, actually starting to talk to each other? Those are the questions I was asking myself as I attended the First International Conference on Men's Issues in Detroit last weekend. And, to be honest, I'm still not sure. But it's certainly true that the discussion is expanding, and I'm enough of a believer in discussion and engagement to think that's a good thing. ..."

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Supreme Court: Companies Can't Be Required to Pay for Birth Control

Posted in Women's Health

The Atlantic 7/1/2014

"... In a highly anticipated decision on Monday, the Supreme Court has ruled that companies cannot be required to pay for contraception coverage for their employees if it violates their religious beliefs. In Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the justices found that "closely held" private businesses have the same rights under the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act as non-profit organizations. 

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Sperm Donor Age May Not Effect Fertility

Posted in Sex/Fertility 7/1/2014

"... A recent analysis suggests outcomes in live births are not affected by the age of the sperm donor. The study reaffirms past findings that suggest a couple's fertility relies more strongly on the age of the woman than the man, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology reported. ..."

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8 Dating Rules That Changed Since You Were Last Single

Posted in Dating

Huffington Post 7/1/2014

"... Dating again and unable to shake the feeling that you're doing the whole thing all wrong?
We don't blame you. Today's dating landscape is evolving so fast, it can feel nearly impossible to keep up. But before you give up and become one of those people who post "forever alone" memes on the Internet, we’ve got some pointers for you. ..." 

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Down 120 Pounds, She's Running But No Longer Hiding

Posted in Weight Loss

CNN 7/1/2014

"... Sarah Evans took two weeks off for her 30th birthday in September 2012 to visit Las Vegas with her best friends. Yet she couldn't enjoy herself because of constant thigh chafing -- "I went through an entire bottle of Gold Bond powder" -- and she hated how she looked in every photo. "All these girls were enjoying themselves in bikinis poolside, and there I was, trying to cover up and hide," she remembers. ..."

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Top 10 2014 NBA Free Agents

Posted in Sports

Yahoo Sports 7/1/2014

"... "LeBron James is not really a free agent," the executive told Yahoo Sports. "He is going right back to Miami. Everybody believes that. The top five free agents of this class are strong and then it gets pretty even. LeBron and Carmelo are the head of the class and Dirk [Nowitzki] has two really good years left in him. Overall, I think it's a really strong free-agent class from a versatility standpoint and what they are able to do. ..."

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Nutrition Tip Of The Week: Where To Store What Foods

Posted in Nutrition

Lake News Online 7/1/2014

"... With the price of food these days, we can’t afford to waste anything. Storing your food properly can help make the most of your food dollar by preventing spoilage, as well as preserving the quality and nutrition in the foods you buy. Most people probably store their food wherever it is convenient in their homes or perhaps follow the examples from childhood. But to keep foods at their optimal quality and to prevent food poisoning, certain foods need to be kept in specific areas of the kitchen. ..."

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I Think About Divorce a Lot, But Not Because I Want One

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The New York Times 6/30/2014

"... My parents had an ugly divorce. It thrust me from one home to another, and forced me to take sides when I wanted unity. I don’t want to introduce my children to new moms and new sibling every few years. I want my children to feel grounded, but sometimes I wonder if fear of putting my children through a divorce is how “staying together for the kids” begins. ..."

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