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Researchers identify gene variations linked to male and female infertility

Posted in Sex/Fertility

By News Medical 4/30/2013

"...A group of researchers at the University of Muenster has characterised gene variations which may improve treatment for almost half of infertile men, as well as allowing tailored treatment for women undergoing assisted reproduction. ..."

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An Epidemic of Prosecutorial Abuse?

Posted in Domestic Violence

By Robert Franklin, Esq. - 4/29/2013

"Has prosecutorial abuse reached epidemic proportions in cases involving allegations of sexual assault or domestic violence? A new white paper put out by Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (S.A.V.E.) persuasively argues that we are dangerously close to exactly that state of affairs."

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NCFM College Ambassador Chris Thompson, Positive Family Traditions, TNT and NCFM adopts a highway

Posted in Education

By  NCFM 4/24/2013

"...Excitedly sliding his hands in his new work gloves, TNT joined me enduring a typical Montana spring day of intermittent sunshine and snow while having a blast with this atypical treasure hunt, acquiring a truckload of refuse in the process. ..."

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Joe Weider, fitness mentor to Schwarzenegger and others, dies at 93

Posted in Fitness

By MNN 4/24/2013

"...Joe Weider, the Los Angeles-based bodybuilding pioneer who created an enormous fitness publishing empire and discovered a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, died Saturday of heart failure at a Los Angeles hospital, according to his longtime publicist, Charlotte Parker. He was 93. ..."

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For Obese Men, Even Benign Biopsies Have High Risk Of Becoming Prostate Cancer

Posted in Prostate Cancer

By Red Orbit 4/24/2013

"Researchers from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health have discovered that benign precancerous lesions detected in prostate biopsies are more likely to develop into prostate cancer for obese men compared to their normal-weight counterparts."

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