Sunday, October 23, 2016

Apps Are Turning Fitness Into A Social Activity To Get You Off The Couch

Posted in Fitness 9/22/2015

"... All this because Fitbit and other companies recognise fitness has a social factor that encourages us to keep at it with our regular group at the gym or our running buddies. Social tools on our phones and the Internet are helping a lot of people take fitness more seriously, and stick with it too. ..."

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Millions Of Dollars Stuck In Texas 'Child Support Purgatory'

Posted in Child Support 9/21/2015

"... Millions of dollars in child support often gets put on hold for months at the Texas Attorney General's Office, impacting needy families, a KVUE Defenders investigation uncovered. It happens so often that family law attorneys have a name for it: child support purgatory. ..."

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