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Men are Being Sexually Assaulted in the Military, But Nobody is Talking About it

Posted in Military

By The Good Men Project 5/20/2013

"...In 2012, nearly 14,000 active military men were assaulted by men, along with over 12,000 women. All of this is despicable, all of this calls for aggressive and public reprisal and punishment. Yet, virtually no one has been talking about it. ..."

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The masculinity debate: no wonder men stay out of it

Posted in Gender Issues

By The Guardian 5/20/2013

"...But all this fails to generate male leadership or collective discussion. Each of us is operating in our personal world of change, with little sense of what it's like for the other guys. The women's movement produced articulate women to narrate their agenda. Where are the men?..."

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UCLA study: Older men with multiple underlying health problems should avoid prostate cancer treatment

Posted in Prostate Cancer

By News Medical 5/20/2013

"Older prostate cancer patients with other underlying health conditions should think twice before committing to surgery or radiation therapy for their cancer, according to a multicenter study led by researchers in the UCLA Department of Urology."

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