Saturday, August 1, 2015

Father’s Day Should Be All Year Long For Divorced Dads

Posted in Fatherhood 7/27/2015

"... Just because a couple divorces it should not change a father’s relationship with his children, yet often it does. Many dads end up taking a back seat when it comes to child rearing responsibilities following a divorce. But as society has recognized the benefits of shared parenting, that’s starting to change. ..."

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Judge Rules Woman Who Recorded Ex-Clippers Owner Sterling's Racist Rant Owes His Wife $2.6M

Posted in Entertainment News 7/23/2015

"... The wife of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling is owed $2.6 million by a woman her husband showered with gifts, a judge ruled Tuesday. ..."

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Student Expelled For Calling His Ex-Girlfriend ‘Psycho’ On Twitter

Posted in Education 7/22/2015

"... A student at the University of Kansas was expelled because he called his ex-girlfriend a “psycho b[****]” on Twitter — despite the fact that he didn’t use her name in the post. Apparently it was a violation of Title IX. ..."

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Brave 11-Year-Old Who Stood Up To Bullies In YouTube Video Gets Invited To White House

Posted in Bullying 7/22/2015

"... Logan Fairbanks recently posted a YouTube video of himself confronting cyberbullies that went viral, now the 11-year-old has been personally invited to visit the White House. ..."

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