Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nebraska Court Orders Disclosure Of Judicial Training Materials

Posted in Child Custody 2/01/2016

"... By now it is clear that children do better with two parents involved in their lives. But judicial action on child custody and parenting time has changed little over the years, leaving millions of children with little or no contact with their fathers following divorce. ..."

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Our Education System Has Become 'Demotivating And Counterproductive' For Boys

Posted in Education 1/27/2016

"... Our education system is becoming more and more tailored to the way girls learn. Is it any wonder, then, that last summer saw the biggest discrepancy between male and female GCSE results in more than a decade, with just 64.3 per cent of boys achieving an A*-C pass rate (compared with 73.1 per cent of girls). ..."

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Jobs And Wages: How 2016 Is Shaping Up

Posted in Jobs & Employment 12/30/2015

"... While it's true the recovery has brought about more jobs, not everyone is feeling the benefit. The post-recession years have been notably stingy when it comes to heftier paychecks for workers, while some groups, such as younger workers and minorities, continue to suffer from elevated unemployment rates. ..."

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