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Special Announcement - Robert Cubby join the Men's E-News Board of Advisors

Posted in Criminal Law

robert cubbyMen's E-News is proud to announce that Robert Cubby has joined our Board of Advisors !!

Robert D. Cubby is a retired police captain having served 38 years in the Jersey City Police Department. Most of his career was in the patrol division. He worked every district in the police department. He spent two years in the property unit and 8 1/2 years in Emergency Services Unit (SWAT). He was on loan to the Police Academy as an instructor for 3 years. He handled numerous officer involved shootings and worked closely with the CISM program and Deacon Robert Baker since 2005. He is very familiar with post shooting trauma and PTSD. He retired in 2011 as a captain. He graduated from Montclair State University with a BA in Psychology. He is a contributor to the Grieving Behind the Badge Newsletter. Robert manages the PTSD websites Surviving the Shield and Code Blue and is the Administrator of the Police Website JCPD West. He is a cast Member and Interviewed in the Documentary Film Code 9 Officer Needs Assistance. It's a film that explores the problem of PTSD in police. Soon to be a 90 minute movie and 13 week mini-series. Robert is a Public speaker on PTSD issues for NAMI, the NJ- Sussex County chapter, as well as a law enforcement instructor. He is a Co-Administrator of the JCPOBA- CISM program involved in peer support. Robert wishes to be able to reach as many people as he can concerning PTSD and to clear up many misunderstandings and problems the diagnosis of PTSD brings. He wishes to help remove the stigma attached to this problem and assist as many as he can with PTSD. He has contributed through film, writings, public speaking and conversations on the websites he manages to reach as many people as he can. Too many suffer in silence with the feeling of nowhere to go and no one to understand. Having suffered from PTSD himself, he understands.

We’re incredibly excited to have Robert aboard !  He will be a huge asset to our organization. 


Posted in Entertainment News 7/17/2104

"... It’s hard to remember a time without the Rolling Stones. In fact, for most of us it’s impossible since we weren’t born when the band was formed. They’ve been through a lot of changes over the past fifty-plus years, but today is the 52nd anniversary of their first live gig together. ..." 

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Five Alternatives To Jaguar’s New Speedster

Posted in Entertainment News 7/17/2014

"... 24 hours. That's all Jaguar needed to get what company calls "firm registrations of interest" for each and every £135,000 Project 7 F-Type due to be sold in the UK. But the Project 7 isn't the only road-going offering to borrow from the 'barchetta' idiom. So just in case you missed out on the 60-odd convertibles Jaguar allocated to UK market, here are some alternatives. …"

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With A Single App Blumoo Gives You Control Of Your Entertainment System

Posted in Entertainment News 7/17/2014

"... It's happened to the best of us. You've just settled into the couch for a night in front of the TV and the technology struggles begin. Whether it's the combination of three different remote controls or the routine of stretching and bending to get the remote control to communicate with the receiver box, the process is daunting. If any of that sounds familiar, you're probably in the target demographic for Flyover Innovations. ..."

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How ADHD Puts Athletes In The Zone

Posted in Athletes 7/17/2014

"... Michael Phelps, Terry Bradshaw, Pete Rose, Bruce Jenner, Justin Gatlin, Michael Jordan, Andres Torres, Greg Louganis, Chris Kaman, Cammi Granato…the list goes on. With so many medal-winning, record-breaking sprinters, swimmers, pro-ballers and Olympians diagnosed with the condition, there should be an ADHD Sports Hall of Fame. So, this begs the question:  is there something about the trait that lends itself to athletic greatness? ..."

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Domestic Violence Non-Profit Fails To Get Anticipated Grant Funding

Posted in Domestic Violence 7/16/2014

"... Margaret Diaz, executive director for A Better Way, said the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced last month that a grant award totaling $140 million will help nearly 900 homeless assistance programs in the U.S. But after 11 years of continuous funding, the group’s Victor Valley Domestic Violence Shelter was left off the HUD list with no reason given, according to Diaz. ..."

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You Can Support Education Without Spending a Dime

Posted in Education 7/16/2014

"... What does it mean to "support" education? Too often, we equate financial matters such as favorable tax levies, bond issues and increases in state or federal funding with "support" for education. Of course it takes money to buy things, but is that all there is to supporting education? ..." 

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What Happens to Masculinity and Marriage When Unemployment Strikes?

Posted in Jobs & Employment 7/16/2014

"... I’ll tell you what happens. Stress goes up and self-esteem goes down, way down. It plummets like a diving hawk, a steep full on rush towards the earth with death at the end. This may sound a bit melodramatic but I assure you, for anyone going through an expected or unexpected job loss, the magnitude and ferocity of emotional shredding cannot be over exaggerated. ..."

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Five Political Scandals That Undermined Democracy

Posted in Policy & Legislation 7/16/2014

"... A nation's faith in democracy is a fragile thing. Especially when it's in the hot-buttered hands of policymakers. Even more especially when allegations of cover-ups - where 114 documents linking members of the Establishment to child abuse allegations were supposedly destroyed - have sparked internal investigations at Westminster. ..."

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