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Workplace Bullying: See It Clearly

Posted in Bullying 4/15/2015

"... Bullying is a real thing and it’s happening every day. Right now the spotlight is on what’s happening to our youth with cyber bullying and incidences in and out of the classroom, but one must remember that bullying doesn’t stop with adolescence. It can follow us into adulthood, and into the workplace. ..."

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Prostate Cancer Breakthrough As Test Flags Up The Most Aggressive Form Of The Disease

Posted in Prostate Cancer 4/14/2015

"... Scientists in the US have identified a protein which seems to play a crucial role in the rapid growth of tumours. If the findings are confirmed, the discovery could lead to a test which differentiates men with aggressive prostate cancer from those with a less threatening form of the disease. ..."

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Alzheimer’s Warning Signs

Posted in Mental Health 4/14/2015

"... For people of a certain age, it’s not uncommon to seize on any forgetfulness as a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Lose the car keys, forget a name, read a Top 10 list of dementia’s warning signs and the worry begins. “Even more epidemic than Alzheimer’s itself is the fear of Alzheimer’s,” said Richard Lipton, who heads the Einstein Aging Study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. ..."

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Simple Ways To Boost Nutrition

Posted in Nutrition 4/14/2015

"... In the evolving world of good food choices, sometimes it’s not a trade-off at all. It’s a trade-up: adding something healthy to a dish. We’ve all been making healthy trade-offs and trade-ups for years to eat more vegetables and grains, increase fiber and shave needless calories and fat. ..."

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Why Doing Too Little Is Killing Your Fitness Results

Posted in Fitness 4/14/2015

"... This is not to deter anyone from exercising if all they can muster is four to seven minutes; something is nearly always better than nothing. However, believing that you will look like a fitness magazine cover model, or even have a balanced or sufficient workout regimen with such little time dedication, is a fantasy. ..."

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Want To Lose Weight? Here Are Some Options

Posted in Weight Loss 4/14/2015

"... Losing weight is tough. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss, exercise and fitness. Consult with your primary health care provider before beginning any weight loss treatment. You usually don't need a referral to meet with a weight loss clinic, and initial consultations are free. ..."

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How To Foster Good Mental Health In The Workplace

Posted in Mental Health 4/14/2015

"... The way employees think, feel, and behave can impact everything from productivity and communication to their ability to maintain safety. Promoting good mental health in the workplace could be one of the most important steps an employer could take to improve an organization. ..."

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