Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Checkup On Men's Health

Posted in Physical Health 11/17/2015

"... When it comes to their health, men are not always the greatest advocates for themselves.  Even at a time when access to health care is easier than ever and information is as close as the fingertips, men are not paying as close attention to their health as they should. ..."

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4 Big Marriage Mistakes That Can Push Your Spouse Away

Posted in Marriage 11/16/2015

"... Communication is an art, a discipline, a technique to be learned, and a skill to develop — and it requires ongoing practice while in a relationship. There’s always room for improvement and growth. Here are some mistakes you're making when trying to communicate in your marriage. ..."

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“Daddy Don’t Go” Smashes Stereotypes Of Disadvantaged “Deadbeat” Dads

Posted in Fatherhood 11/16/2015

"... A John Hopkins study found that those who might be labeled “deadbeat dads” often spend as much on their children as parents in formal child-support arrangements, but prefer to invest in provisions like baby food, school supplies, and clothing, rather than hand out cash. ..."

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