Friday, October 21, 2016

Actually, 50 Years Of Test Scores DO Confirm That Boys Outperform Girls On The SAT Math Test

Posted in Education 10/12/2016

"... It is therefore not surprising that females, on average, score somewhat lower than males. The gender gap is likely in large part a sampling artifact. ..."

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University Of Virginia Violated Free Speech Rights Of Lecturer Who Criticized Black Lives Matter

Posted in Policy & Legislation 10/12/2016

"... The University of Virginia has apparently forced an engineering and business professor to take a leave of absence because he made a negative comment about Black Lives Matter. ..."

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5 Distressing Realities About The State Of Mental Health In America

Posted in Mental Health 10/11/2016

"... One in five American adults will experience a mental health disorder in a given year. That makes it highly likely many of us know someone who is dealing with a psychological condition. But when it comes to understanding these disorders, we often fall flat. ..."

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