Tuesday, October 13, 2015

4 Steps To Being Financially Prepared For A Divorce

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Huffingtonpost.com 10/5/2015

"... Who hasn't made a financial mistake one time or another? If you're human you've probably missed a credit card payment, charged a vacation when you shouldn't have, or bounced a check. We're all a work in progress, after all. But have you ever thought about marriage being a financial -- not just romantic -- mistake? ..."

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My Father, My Pride

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Mdimen.com 10/5/2015

"... I learned that I would strangle the connection with my father, the more I pushed to have him GIVE me something he might not have to give, as I overlooked all that HE DID give over the years. Yes, at some point, the tides turned, and no longer was the relationship about getting something out of reach but appreciating what is right there in front of me. ..."

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