Friday, January 30, 2015

Fitness & Nutrition Tips From A Celebrity Trainer

Posted in Nutrition 1/20/2015

"... Why do most of us lose motivation? Is there a ‘magic’ trick to keeping fit? These were some of the questions Alex Isaly, Celebrity Fitness and Nutrition expert, answered on his first trip to Seattle. Isaly has appeared on the TODAY Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and in countless fitness magazines. He is also Master Trainer on ..."

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Two Studies Explore Role Of Radiation, Bisphosphonates In Prostate Cancer Care

Posted in Prostate Cancer 1/20/2015

"... For older men with prostate cancer, adding radiation to hormone therapy is both tolerable and effective in reducing the number of deaths, according to results of a new study by researchers at Penn Medicine, suggesting that the current gap in curative cancer care for baby boomers aging into their 70s might be bridged by more thorough provider–patient discussions of treatment options. ..."

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Three Fitness Trends That Help Burn Away Holiday Bulges

Posted in Fitness 1/20/2015

"... With remnants of holiday indulgence lingering in the form of an expanded waistline, more people are turning to unconventional exercise routines to help incinerate last year’s unwanted pounds. In order to stay safe and healthy for the New Year, people are turning to several new workout programs. ..."

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Child-Support Reform Needed

Posted in Child Support 1/19/2015

"... There are many ways to bring equality to the child-support industry. A good start would be for the earned-income tax credit to be applied to noncustodial parents. Incentives to pay child support would benefit everyone. Men should get a tax break if they pay in full and on time every month. Prisoners should not be compelled to pay child support. How can one pay what one does not have? ..."

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