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More States Requiring Reporting Of Mental Health Records To FBI Gun Background Check Database

Posted in Mental Health 7/22/2014

"... Mass shootings like Virginia Tech and the 2011 shooting in Tucson, Arizona where U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others were shot, have brought the issue of states not reporting to the forefront of gun safety conversations. Since the coalition’s 2011 report, the amount of mental health records reported to the federal government for the purpose of a background check has tripled. States passing laws requiring or authorizing the reporting of some mentally ill people to NICS for use in firearm purchaser background checks is part of the reason for these increases. ..."

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Online Dating Safety Tips: How To Stay Safe While Looking For The Right One

Posted in Dating 7/22/2014

"... Online dating is a very useful platform for hopeless romantics trying to search for the right one. But just as with every other website that requires personal information, online dating sites must be treated carefully and with caution. Looking for love need not be risky. A few steps to ensure your personal safety can be done before launching that head-turning dating profile on your chosen site. ..."

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Exercise, Nutrition Fend Off Age-Related Weakness

Posted in Nutrition 7/22/2014

"... Getting weak goes with aging; lifting weights is dangerous for older people; older people can’t increase their strength, right? Wrong! In the past few years many researchers have turned their attention to the question, is muscle and strength loss a function of aging, or is it a result of disuse? Recent studies show that “if you don’t use it you will lose it.” ..."

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Cuts To Legal Aid Force Parents To Defend Themselves In Family Court Cases

Posted in Family Law Issues 7/21/2014

"... The number of parents forced to represent themselves before the family courts jumped by 20,000 last year following the withdrawal of legal aid for almost all family cases, official figures obtained by The Independent show. ..." 

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Fatherhood 101: Near Manila, A School For Stay-At-Home Dads

Posted in Stay At Home Dads 7/21/2014

"... In the Philippines, 10 per cent of the labour force now works abroad, and almost half of them are young women like Valenton’s wife, Erna. Two years ago, she left to work as a domestic helper in Macau after her husband went blind in one eye and temporarily lost his job as a tricycle taxi driver. For the first time in his life, the 37-year-old had to run the household. He needed help. “Taking care of the kids, doing the household chores, looking for food, everything was a challenge,” he says. ..." 

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It's The Law: The Alimony Can Be Modified

Posted in Alimony 7/21/2014

"... Permanent periodic alimony is alimony paid until the recipient dies or remarries or the payer dies. Other types of alimony includes rehabilitative, lump-sum, bridge-the-gap and durational. If alimony is determined by the court (as opposed to agreement of the parties), it must consider specific statutory factors, which include need, ability to pay, standard of living during the marriage, ages of the parties and their physical and emotional health. Any form of alimony that is payable over time is subject to possible modification. ..."

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Getting Social Security Benefits After Divorce

Posted in Divorce 7/21/2014

"... When you break up a marriage, is it true that you’ll lose Social Security benefits as an ex-spouse? You might think so, but you’re still entitled to them., given certain conditions. According to Rob Kron in his blog post for BlackRock, you need not be married to collect spousal or survivor benefits. ..."

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Facebook Is Helping Bust Deadbeat Dads Who Skip Out On Child Support

Posted in Child Support 7/21/2014

"... Social media is helping bust deadbeat dads who skip out on paying child support. WITI-TV reported that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office uses Facebook to help determine whether fathers really don’t have the money to support their kids or if they just don’t want to pay. ..."

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Legal Definition of Fatherhood Needs Review

Posted in Fatherhood 7/21/2014

"... A legal parent-child relationship entails various rights and obligations including those related to inheritance and support. The court’s ruling is based on the view that the relationship between a father and a child that has been developed over years should not be disestablished only because of the lack of a blood tie. This argument in itself is reasonable. ..." 

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