Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shared Parenting Solves Child Support Delinquency

Posted in Parenting 9/1/2014

"... As it relates specifically to Reagan’s concern regarding financial child support, by protecting a child’s right to equal time with both parents, shared parenting also encourages parents to uphold their equal financial commitments to their child. ..."

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Petty Crook Begs To Be Returned To Prison After Spending Three Months Under House Arrest With His Wife

Posted in Marriage 9/1/2014

"... A petty criminal has begged police to send him to prison - because he cannot bear to be at home under house arrest with his wife. The man from Rome pleaded with officers at the Tor Bella Monaca police station after spending nearly three months of constant fighting with his spouse at home. ..."

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New Study Reveals Interesting Link Between Men's Height And Divorce

Posted in Divorce 9/1/2014

"... Short men were found to marry later in life than average or tall men, but were 32 percent less likely to divorce. They were also more likely to marry less educated and younger women. Once married, they did less of the housework and earned a much higher income than their spouse. ..."

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Jackson Man Stabbed During Child Custody Dispute, Woman Arrested

Posted in Child Custody 9/1/2014

"... Hell hath no fury like a woman spurned. Justin Lindsey has been jailed in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, for the past week, KDKA-TV reported, facing charges of harassment and assault.

But according to Lindsey’s family, he’s the one who got assaulted — and they’ve got video to back up their claims. ..."

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Pamela Anderson, Carey Hart Slam ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In Online Rants

Posted in Entertainment News 8/28/2014

"... While Hollywood has accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in droves, uploading often-creative, LOL videos and nominating each other,Pamela Andersonand Carey Hart took to their social media pages to criticize the viral campaign, meant to raise funds for Lou Gehrig's disease research. ..."

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'Sons Of Guns' Star Will Hayden Arrested

Posted in Entertainment News 8/28/2014

"... "Sons of Guns" star Will Hayden was arrested in Louisiana over the weekend for suspicion of molestation and crimes against nature, ET has learned. According to an internet report, Hayden's ex-girlfriend accused him of molesting their child, but Hayden refuted the claim, saying that his ex fabricated the story because she was upset about the breakup. ..."

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