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Settlement In DSS Child Support System Still Unsigned

Posted in Child Support 12/8/2014

"... More than two months after the state and Hewlett Packard agreed to settle a long-running dispute that has kept a computerized child support enforcement system from being completed, no papers have been signed. The problem-plagued child support enforcement computer system has already cost the state tens of millions of dollars in federal penalties and legal fees. ..."

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Things an Unwed Father Needs to Know

Posted in Fatherhood 9/8/2014

"... We have all seen the statistics about the growing social problems that come from a child growing up without a father. In many cases, the unwed father and the mother are a committed but unmarried couple. But in far too many circumstances, the child will grow up without her father in the child's home.  And an unwed father probably doesn't know enough about his father's rights under the law. ..."

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Old Tactic Gets New Use: Public Schools Separate Girls And Boys

Posted in Boys Issues 12/4/2014

"... Single-sex education, common in the United States until the 19th century, when it fell into deep disfavor except in private or parochial schools, is on the rise again in public schools as educators seek ways to improve academic performance, especially among the poor. ..."

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To Harvard And Other Universities: In Protecting Students From Sexual Assault, Don't Disregard Due Process

Posted in Policy & Legislation 12/3/2014

"... It is right to be outraged about the despicable treatment of sexual assault survivors by our justice system and our universities. Too many rapists and harassers habitually escape punishment; too many survivors are still awaiting justice. But although for centuries sexual assault survivors have been treated unfairly, so, too, have those accused of infractions. In trying to protect the former group, we should not sacrifice the latter. ..."

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Children's e-Safety Laws Target Social Media And Cyber Bullying

Posted in Bullying 12/3/2014

"... The Federal Government has moved to crack down on cyber bullying with new legislation that targets social media sites and allows individual posts and offending material to be taken offline. The Parliamentary Secretary for Communications Paul Fletcher introduced the Enhancing Online Safety for Children Bill 2014 to parliament today with the goal of protecting the 20 percent of 8-to-17 year olds that he said have been victims of bullying online. ..."

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Protecting Children And Young People From Sex Abuse Is A Job For All Of Us

Posted in Sexual Abuse 12/3/2014

"... Young people are being exploited on our streets and in our parks and shopping centres in clear public view. Yes, children’s services and the police play a crucial role in protecting young people, but they generally come in when things have gone wrong. If we really want to prevent the exploitation from happening in the first place then we need to create a climate where it can’t happen.  ..."

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America Doesn’t Have An Education Problem, It Has A Class Problem

Posted in Education 12/3/2014

"... The American education system is itself only an offshoot of an increasingly class-driven society. Since the 1950s, American society has increasingly been segregated by socioeconomic status, with the proportion of the country living in middle-income territory steadily shrinking since 1970. The effects clearly have spilled over into schools. ..."

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Domestic Violence As Prevalent For College Students As Sexual Assault

Posted in Domestic Violence 12/3/2014

"... While not currently at the forefront of a national conversation, domestic violence remains as prevalent an issue among college students as sexual assault. One in five students has experienced domestic violence — a statistic that directly mirrors the U.S. Department of Justice’s findings on student victims of sexual assault. ..."

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Senate Holds Hearing On Domestic Violence In Pro Sports

Posted in Domestic Violence 12/3/2014

"... Members of the Senate Commerce Committee criticized the major North American sports leagues for their response to domestic violence and for not sending their top officials to a hearing Tuesday about the issue. Sen. John Rockefeller (D., W.Va.), who chairs the committee, began the hearing by saying the four major sports leagues “have done little to nothing in response” to the long list of athletes who have been charged with domestic-violence violations. ..."

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Top 2015 Fitness Trends: Heading Back To The Basics

Posted in Fitness 12/2/2014

"... Using your own body's weight as a way to get into shape is predicted to be the biggest fitness trend for 2015 — and is something fitness professionals see as a way for people to get back to the basics. Body weight training, which can incorporate push-ups, planks, lunges and squats, has topped the American College of Sports Medicine's annual fitness trend forecast for next year. ..."

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