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Psychologist Offers Insight On Bullying And How To Prevent It

Posted in Bullying 10/8/2014

"... October is National Bullying Prevention Month, an annual campaign launched in 2006 by the Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights to raise awareness of and prevent bullying. Bullying is aggressive, repeated and intentional behavior designed to show an imbalance of power. One out of three students is bullied during the school year, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics. ..."

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Why California’s ‘Affirmative Consent’ Law Violates Basic Constitutional Rights

Posted in Policy & Legislation 10/8/2014

"... Sexual assault is a crime. Rape is not a school disciplinary infraction, and the attempt by universities to set up a pseudo-judicial system to deal with accusations of sexual assault was always a dubious endeavor. What college administrators have done, in their effort to appease feminists, is to establish phony “courts” where people can be “convicted” of very serious crimes without the due process rights guaranteed under the Constitution. ..."

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California’s Radical College-Sex-Law Experiment

Posted in Sexual Abuse 10/8/2014

"... Governor Jerry Brown has recently signed an “affirmative consent law,” which requires all sexual activity among college students to obtain “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement” and requires such consent be “ongoing throughout a sexual activity.” It is a massive broadening of the legal definition of rape, and a new blow in the culture wars that will likely reverberate in ways liberals have barely begun to contemplate. ..."

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Physical Activity May Boost School Performance, Especially For Boys

Posted in Physical Health 10/7/2014

"... Children might do better in school if they're more physically active, a new study suggests. The study authors, from the University of Eastern Finland, report a link between higher levels of physical activity at recess and better reading skills, and a connection between participation in organized sports and higher math test scores. In particular, boys with higher levels of physical activity -- especially walking and bicycling to and from school -- had better reading skills than less active boys, according to the research team. ..."

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Tailored Prostate Cancer Treatment Offers New Hope For Patients

Posted in Prostate Cancer 10/7/2014

"... Combining advances in science, technology and surgical techniques, a more tailored treatment is exactly what doctors can now offer patients. "Taking it to the molecular level or the genomic level, it helps us in understanding which kind of a targeted therapy will work in one patient versus the other patient—who will be a better candidate for radiation. This all can be deciphered based on analysis of DNA," Tewari says. ..."

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Social Media, The New Weapon In The Battle To Lose Weight

Posted in Weight Loss 10/7/2014

"... Several studies, albeit small ones, show that social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help bolster weight loss. Researchers in London recently analyzed 12 studies involving nearly 1,900 people in the U.S., Europe, East Asia and Australia. They found those who used social networking sites lost modest but significant amounts of weight. ..."

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Report Outlines 'Must-Have' Sexual Health Services For Men

Posted in Teen Health 10/7/2014

"... Compared with women, American men have worse access to reproductive and sexual health care, research shows, a disparity fueled in part by the lack of standard clinical guidelines on the types and timing of exams, tests and treatments that should be offered to all men of reproductive age. ..."

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Lab-Grown Penises Developed By Scientists And Now 'Ready For Human Tests'

Posted in Sex/Fertility 10/7/2014

"... Scientists have developed lab-grown penises to help men who have congenital abnormalities or suffered a traumatic injuries, the Observer has reported. The engineered penises were developed by researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina, USA, and are currently awaiting approval to be tested on humans. ..."

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Parents Until Death—Not Divorce—Do Us Part

Posted in Divorce 10/6/2014

"... “It is time to resolve our ambivalence and contradictory ideas about fathers’ and mothers’ roles in their children’s lives. If we value Dad reading Goodnight Moon to his toddler and soothing his fretful baby at 3 a.m. while the parents are living together, why withdraw our support and deprive the child of these expressions of fatherly love just because the parents no longer live together, or just because the sun has gone down.” ..."

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