Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sexual Assault Against Servicemen Is Worse Than We Thought

Posted in Military 11/11/2015

"... A new report on sexual abuse within the American military sheds light on male rape and assault—and how little is actually known about the issue. ..."

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Aaron Allmon Case Makes Minot Air Force Base Ground Zero In Military’s New Gender Wars

Posted in Gender Issues 11/11/2015

"... This is a glimpse into the new U.S. Armed Forces and its gender wars. It is a slice of military life stemming from the Pentagon’s order in 2013 to erase all sexual harassment and, to enforce it, staff the ranks with an advocacy bureaucracy to empower victims and make sure complaints are filed. ..."

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How Regular Exercise Benefits More Than Just Your Physical Health

Posted in Physical Health 11/10/2015

"... Not as many of us are quite as aware of how regular exercise actually affects our ability to think, feel and do. The range of psychological and emotional benefits you get from exercise may be just as rich as what it can offer your physical body. ..."

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