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Leading attorneys will gather for the first time to discuss due process and others issues raised by the response to colleges and universities to allegations of sexual assault on campuses.

WASHINGTON / October 16, 2014 – A Washington, DC symposium on October 17, 2014 will address the responses of colleges and universities to the growing problem of sexual assaults campuses. The Symposium will feature leading attorneys with experience in handling student conduct hearings at various stages, as well as attorneys who represent students in subsequent litigation against educational institutions.  


In the wake of the April 4, 2011 U.S. Department of Education Dear Colleague Letter and an unprecedented groundswell of student activism across the country, the Department of Education has been actively investigating colleges and universities for their handling of sexual assault complaints.  Educational institutions are scrambling to retool their investigative efforts and hearing processes in order to meet burgeoning pressure from the federal government and the court of public opinion.


Recently, a national group of 20 attorneys from around the country sent a letter to key Senate sponsors of the Campus Accountability and Safety Act (S. 2692), expressing their concern that the proposed legislation does not adequately protect the due process rights of students who have been accused of a campus sexual assault. The letter was sent to lead sponsor, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), along with 14 co-sponsors.  The attorneys, who represent persons cast into the student conduct hearing process, have witnessed the dangerous effects this phenomenon has had on the rights of both male and female students.


The program is titled: Navigating Due Process and Title IX Issues in Campus Sexual Assault Procedures: Constitutional, Statutory, Contractual, and Tort Considerations.


One of the symposium speakers, Lycurgus Group Vice President Joshua Adam Engel, said “This Symposium is an opportunity to share strategies and experiences with colleagues who have guided students through the process and have represented them in criminal investigations, student conduct hearings, and state and federal court.”


The Symposium is open to media representatives, attorneys, and others.  Credentialed media representatives may attend at no charge. Selected presenters will be available for interviews.


For more information, contact Anna Kinsinger at 614-859-9570 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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