Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Higher Education’s Infantilizing Paternalism, Lack Of Intellectual Diversity Leaves Students Unprepared For Reality

Posted in Education 11/16/2016

"... Children, even young adults, simply can’t handle rejection of their ideas, or hearing ones that cause the slightest “discomfort,” lest they undergo “trauma.” ..."

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Identifying Gene Defects May Help Develop Individualized Treatments For Prostate Cancer Patients

Posted in Prostate Cancer 11/15/2016

"... The current method of treating prostate cancer involves identifying gene defects, which could help with the diagnosis of cancer and the development of individualised cancer treatments for patients. ..."

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Quarter Of Young People Seeking Mental Health Care 'Turned Away By Specialist Services'

Posted in Mental Health 11/15/2016

"... One in four youngsters who are referred by their GPs or teachers for treatment are being denied access to care, said the Education Policy Institute Independent Commission on Children and Young People's Mental Health. ..."

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