Wednesday, September 2, 2015

To Boost Odds Of A Long Life, Men Should Delay Fatherhood Until Age 25, Study Finds

Posted in Fatherhood 8/17/2015

"... Here’s some expert advice for would-be fathers: If possible, wait to have kids until you hit your mid-20s. Becoming a parent sooner raises the chances of an early death, new research suggests. ..."

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Jared Rosenthal Offers DNA Tests On The Go

Posted in Paternity 8/17/2015

"... It may look like Jared Rosenthal is cruising around New York City in an oversized ice cream truck, but the 45-year-old entrepreneur is selling a commodity far more precious than a frozen treat: He’s offering DNA tests to confirm paternity and other biological connections to anyone willing to shell out $350 for the information. ..."

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Celebrity Divorce: Attorney Shares The Biggest Mistake Couples Make

Posted in Entertainment News 8/13/2015

"... My one piece of advice actually has three components: Try to take the high road, do not sweat the small issues and do not talk to too many people about your spouse or the case. Divorce can be an acrimonious process, taking the high road eliminates a lot of the unpleasantness. ..."

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