Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tarver Ordered To Pay $669K In Overdue Child Support

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Boxingscene.com 6/18/2015

"... Former light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver owes the mother of his daughter a significant amount of money that went unpaid over a significant amount of time. The amount is staggering — $669,000 in total accumulated at $6,000 a month, and the last time he’d paid any money was in 2012 when a judge told him he could go to jail otherwise, according to Florida television station WFLA. ..."

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How Pro Athletes Lose Everything

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Nypost.com 6/18/2015

"...Divorce and child-support payments, Foyle writes, are two things most young athletes never anticipate. “Early in my career, I heard a league official say that once they retire, there is an 87 percent divorce rate among NBA players,” he writes. “Although I haven’t verified this number, based on what I’ve witnessed, it seems about right.”..."

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John Legend Launches Campaign To End Mass Incarceration

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Huffingtonpost.com 6/18/2015

"... John Legend has launched a campaign to end mass incarceration. The Grammy-winning singer announced the multiyear initiative, FREE AMERICA, on Monday. He will visit and perform at a correctional facility on Thursday in Austin, Texas, where he also will be part of a press conference with state legislators to discuss Texas' criminal justice system. ..."

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Alec Baldwin And Wife Welcome Son Rafael

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Yahoo.com 6/18/2015

"... The 30 Rock alum, 57, announced Wednesday that he and his wife, Hilaria, welcomed a baby boy. "We are happy to announce the birth of Rafael Thomas Baldwin," This is the first son for the actor, who celebrates his third wedding anniversary with the Spanish yoga instructor later this month. ..."

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U.S. Department Of Education Awards $12.8 Million In Grants To Improve Services, Outcomes For Children With Disabilities

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Ed.gov 6/17/2015

"... The U.S. Department of Education announced today the award of more than $12.8 million in grants to help improve services and results for students with disabilities. "We must ensure that students with disabilities receive a world-class education and that their teachers are equipped to help them be successful," said U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. "These grants support important projects in schools across the country to help students with disabilities reach their full academic potential." ..."

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Viewpoint: Hope Solo’s Case Shows Double Standard Of Domestic Violence

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Usatoday.com 6/17/2015

"... Despite these differences, each sport claims to believe in consistent fairness in their respective fields of play. But the overall apathy toward Solo — in contrast with the passionate fury against Rice and Hardy — presents to the nation and the world at large that the ethical standards of one do not apply to the other. ..."

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Women And Girls May Be Rising, But Boys Are Not

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Psychologytoday.com 6/17/2015

"...Warren Farrell, who chairs a multi-partisan group of experts working hard toward the establishment of a White House Council on Boys and Men, (link is external) has used the term “cultural shrug” to describe how American society views the problems of its young males. ..."

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