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Weight Loss Tips From The Biggest Loser's Nutritionist

Posted in Weight Loss 10/14/2014

"...  The James Beard award-winning chef is sharing her health and culinary expertise as the brand nutritionist for Omni Hotels and in her cookbook, Flavor First. We recently caught up with Forberg to find out what takeaways you can learn from the show, how to stay healthy on the go, and the number one mistake she's seen in her years of experience. ..."

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Personalized Nutrition: What It Is And How It Works

Posted in Nutrition 10/14/2014

"... Over the years, a number of dietary approaches were tried to determine what plan will best work according to their body type and lifestyle. However, research suggests that genetic makeup should be considered in creating the perfect diet plan. According to nutritional biochemist, Christine Houghton, there are thousands of plant chemicals that interact with each person's DNA. Genes cannot change, but people can still consume the right foods to change how genes react. ..."

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Mental Health Must Also Go To The Top Of The Research Agenda

Posted in Mental Health 10/14/2014

"... Alongside improvements in care for people with mental health problems, research into causes and treatments must be prioritised. Despite ministerial overtures lately about “parity of esteem” between mental and physical health, ask people in need of counselling or of a bed on an acute ward if provision is meeting needs and the answer will be an unequivocal “No”. ..."

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Top 10 Highest Alimony Payments

Posted in Alimony 10/13/2014

"... Examining these high end spousal support awards can teach all of us — whether you pay or receive alimony — a thing or two about how to achieve a fair spousal support settlement. Here’s the top ten rundown and some of our tips for creating alimony arrangements both of you can accept. ..."

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Intense Child Custody Disputes Are Rarely About The Best Interests Of The Child

Posted in Child Custody 10/13/2014

"... For the children, these battles between parents can be scary, particularly when they involve some form of abduction. They are being taken away from a parent who loves them by a parent who also professes the same thing. How can this be? But the abduction is rarely a unique event in the lives of children. They typically have faced years of conflict between parents. ..."

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Why Protecting Your Assets In The Event Of Divorce Just Got More Critical

Posted in Divorce 10/13/2014

"... he newly passed alimony law in New Jersey underwent a substantial overhaul, eliminating long-term payments and mirroring the trend of many other states. The legislation highlights how protecting your assets in case of a divorce is becoming even more critical, as people are living and working longer and as the length of time that alimony is being paid is getting reduced. ..."

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What ‘New’ Studies Say Is Best For Children Of Fractured Homes

Posted in Divorce 10/13/2014

"... What is the best custody arrangement for children after divorce? Most of us outside of family lawyers and courts don’t think about that question until we are faced with it. And then adults tend to choose administrative stability, figuring the kids are as exhausted and spent as themselves. Children of divorce face such an upheaval that it makes sense to adults that the children need time to rest and recover, and so we prioritize routine. ..."

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