Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Researchers Working On Alternative To Biopsy As Way To Diagnose Prostate Cancer

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Prostatecancernewstoday.com 4/4/2017

"... Washington State University researchers have developed a new way to capture cancer-derived particles called exosomes from prostate cancer, a finding that could offer an alternative to the invasive approach of performing a biopsy to diagnose the disease. ..."

Read the entire article: https://prostatecancernewstoday.com/2017/04/03/scientists-developing-alternative-to-biopsy-for-diagnosing-prostate-cancer/ 

Bill Would Provide Mental Health Aid To Inmates Exiting Jail

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Brooklyn.news12.com 4/4/2017

"...  Lawmakers announced legislation that would give mental health support to inmates leaving the incarceration system. The bill, dubbed the Kalief Browder Re-entry Success Act, would create a pilot program to figure out the mental health of prisoners before they're released and offer treatment to those who may need it. ..."

Read the entire article: http://brooklyn.news12.com/news/bill-would-provide-mental-health-aid-to-inmates-exiting-jail-1.13356457