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Revised Food Labels Still Won’t Tell Whole Story

Posted in Nutrition 10/28/2014

"... The Nutrition Facts label, mandated by Congress on processed food packages since 1990, was designed to help Americans consume a more nutritious diet. If manufacturers had to reveal the nutrients and calories in foods, the reasoning went, they might be encouraged to add more nourishing ingredients and to eliminate or reduce those that are detrimental to health. ..."

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Weight-Loss Superfood: 6 Tips For A Healthy Gut

Posted in Weight Loss 10/28/2014

"... Over the years, I've noticed that clients who added a certain item to their diet seemed more likely to lose weight. And this happened even when their calorie intake remained the same. What is this superfood? It's nothing weird, and it's not a supplement — just a product that appears to go back to Neolithic times: yogurt. ..."

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Fitness Is A Skill, Not A Talent: Here's How To Develop It

Posted in Fitness 10/28/2014

"... As a fitness coach and the co-founder of Fitocracy, I've been exposed to the success stories and fitness challenges of countless people. When they fail to meet their fitness goals, people often tell me that they don't have innate talent. Instead, they should think of fitness as a skill to be refined and improved upon. ..."

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Does Drinking Soda Really Age Your Cells?

Posted in Physical Health 10/28/2014

"... Here’s the latest scary fact about your health, fresh on your Facebook feeds and in the morning paper: Drinking soda ages you as much as smoking cigarettes, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health. Other versions of the story warned that soft-drink addicts are slowly killing themselves with added sugar and that a 20-ounce-a-day habit has been shown to trim half a decade from your life. ..."

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The Link between Mental-Health Conditions And Cardiovascular Disease

Posted in Mental Health 10/28/2014

"... A growing body of research has shown the connection between our emotional well-being and physical health. They found that patients who had a mental illness at any point in their life were twice as likely to have had a stroke or experienced heart disease than the general population, while patients who had not experienced heart disease or stroke had a higher long-term risk of cardiovascular disease. ..."

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Ready Or Not -- Fatherhood's Unexpected Life Lessons

Posted in Fatherhood 10/27/2014

"... Parenthood intrigued me. Friends with kids had made it an unsolicited point to share that they've gained so many fresh insights, from the theoretical to the practical, the ethical to the metaphysical, since becoming parents. And after that one-sided conversation with my wife, I started daydreaming about what it would be like to be a dad, carrying a little one on my shoulders, going to the playground, having great conversations like the ones Cali and I now have. ..."

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Divorced Partners Should Be Forced To Prove That Child-Support Payments Are Spent Properly

Posted in Child Support 10/27/2014

"... Michelle Rowland, Labor MP for Greenway in Western Sydney, is urging a parliamentary inquiry examining the child support system to consider whether separated parents should be required to provide proof of how they spend the money which they receive from the other parent for child support. ..."

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Posted in Parenting 10/27/2014

"... When discussing putative father registries, proponents often make the claim that they’re good for single fathers because they allow them to avail themselves of their parental rights. Laws that were passed to facilitate adoptions by removing single fathers from the adoption process become, in the words of PFR enthusiasts, a boon to the very fathers whose rights they circumvent. I’d say it doesn’t get much more hypocritical than that except that, of course, the whole thing is done to line the pockets of adoption lawyers and agencies. ..." 

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Permanent Alimony Reversed In Williamson Co.

Posted in Alimony 10/27/2014

"... Alimony in futuro, a form of long-term support, is awarded where an economically disadvantaged spouse’s economic rehabilitation is not feasible. Rehabilitative alimony is short-term support that enables an economically disadvantaged spouse to obtain education or training and become self-reliant following a divorce. ..."

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