Saturday, September 20, 2014

NCFM Adviser Gordon Finley Urges Governor Brown Not To Sign SB 967 Which Denies Due Process To College Students Accused Of Sexual Assault

Posted in Policy & Legislation 8/26/2014

"... If the ideologically tainted advocates in the administration, in Congress, and on campus continue this crusade against male students, it is possible that colleges and universities – as well as taxpayers — will be spending more money on administering these laws and on lawsuit pay-outs than on instruction. ..."

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Men Punished In Sexual Misconduct Cases On Colleges Campuses Are Fighting Back

Posted in Sexual Abuse 8/26/2014

"... Men punished for sexual misconduct in the wave of cases sweeping college campuses are fighting back against what they call unfair student disciplinary systems and publicity that threatens to shatter their reputations. ..."

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Deployed Submariner Loses A Round In Custody Battle

Posted in Child Custody 8/25/2014

"... “In the case of Navy submariner Matthew Hindes, the law is not being followed,” Turner said in a June 20 statement. “This law is directly intended to prevent cases like this. But even when the law is followed to the letter, our service members are still placed at a severe disadvantage in child custody proceedings. We need a national standard that ensures the parental rights of our service men and women are properly safeguarded.” ..."

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Man Fakes Own Death To Avoid Wedding

Posted in Marriage 8/25/2014

"... Bride-to-be Alex Lanchester, 23, of Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, received a phone call just months before her wedding claiming that Tucker Blandford, also 23, of Stamford, Connecticut, had died in a car accident. She then rang the American’s parents to offer her condolences, but they told her he was alive and well - and Miss Lanchester quickly learned he had faked his death to avoid the wedding. ..."

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Child Custody Laws Unclear With Same-Sex Couples

Posted in Child Custody 8/25/2014

"... Most lawyers won't even touch cases on this topic because there's too many "unknowns" and no clear "black and white" laws. Because this case is still going through the court system, we agreed not to list any names or show the faces of the parties involved. It's a sensitive topic that gets even seasoned attorneys like Ann Gushurst emotional. "Some of these stories are so heartbreaking, it makes me tear up," she said. ..."

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Wash. Supreme Court Sets Standard For Post-Conviction DNA Testing

Posted in Family Law Issues 8/25/2014

"... If men were convicted of crimes they didn't commit -- why not let them prove their innocence through DNA testing? " . . . three dissenting justices warn this ruling will open the floodgates and allow convicted rapists going back 20 years to request and receive post-conviction DNA testing." ..."

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A Father's Fight: Estero Man Couldn't Leave Without First Seeing His Baby Boy

Posted in Child Support 8/25/2014

"... Preparing for fatherhood is no easy feat. There are sleepless nights, heavy responsibilities and countless moments to be cherished. Now imagine preparing to be a father while fighting for your life. According to the American Cancer Society, there is an estimated 18,860 new cases of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in 2014 in the U.S. alone. ..."

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