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AVFMS Report: The First International Conference on Men’s Issues, sponsored by A Voice for Men

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A Voice For Men 7/2/2014

"... As someone who has volunteered at and attended numerous conferences and symposia and been a part of this movement for several years now, I was interested in seeing how it would go. To understand what this conference fully means is only possible if you have been living in this movement for years. As I told Bob O’Hara (AVFM News Director), it is nothing short of the culmination of five years of hard, grinding work, with the implications of finally mounting a movement centered on men’s equality issues. ..."


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Men’s Rights Conference Takes Aim At Feminism

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MSNBC 7/2/2014

"... “I call it the evil empire,” Erin Pizzey, the British founder of one of the first domestic violence shelters and a staunch anti-feminist, said Friday, borrowing Ronald Reagan’s description of the Soviet Union. “We need to go after them. We cannot allow this to continue. And if we don’t stop it, I don’t see a future for marriage, for love, or for anything. ..."

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Men’s Rights Activists, Gathering To Discuss All The Ways Society Has Done Them Wrong

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The Washington Post 7/2/2014

"... At the end of the weekend, one presenter — Warren Farrell, who used to be a visible figure in the National Organization for Women before turning his focus to men’s rights several decades ago — emotionally declared: “I’ve always said the men’s movement is in its embryonic stage. I’m no longer going to say that.” ..." 

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My Experience at the First International Men’s Conference So Far

Posted in Gender Issues 7/2/2014

From Dr. Helen Smith author of Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream - and Why It Matters

"... The crowd of what looked to be about two or three hundred people were diverse and ranged from all ages to all ethnic backgrounds. There were more men there but almost as many women it seemed! There were young men attending the conference who quietly came up and asked me to sign books and middle-aged and older who just stopped by and told me they had read my book and felt that it helped them in some way. ..."

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A Kinder, Gentler Turn To The Gender Wars?

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USA Today 7/2/2014

"... Are we coming to a truce in the gender wars? Or just opening a second front? Or, perhaps, actually starting to talk to each other? Those are the questions I was asking myself as I attended the First International Conference on Men's Issues in Detroit last weekend. And, to be honest, I'm still not sure. But it's certainly true that the discussion is expanding, and I'm enough of a believer in discussion and engagement to think that's a good thing. ..."

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Supreme Court: Companies Can't Be Required to Pay for Birth Control

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The Atlantic 7/1/2014

"... In a highly anticipated decision on Monday, the Supreme Court has ruled that companies cannot be required to pay for contraception coverage for their employees if it violates their religious beliefs. In Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the justices found that "closely held" private businesses have the same rights under the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act as non-profit organizations. 

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Sperm Donor Age May Not Effect Fertility

Posted in Sex/Fertility 7/1/2014

"... A recent analysis suggests outcomes in live births are not affected by the age of the sperm donor. The study reaffirms past findings that suggest a couple's fertility relies more strongly on the age of the woman than the man, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology reported. ..."

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8 Dating Rules That Changed Since You Were Last Single

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Huffington Post 7/1/2014

"... Dating again and unable to shake the feeling that you're doing the whole thing all wrong?
We don't blame you. Today's dating landscape is evolving so fast, it can feel nearly impossible to keep up. But before you give up and become one of those people who post "forever alone" memes on the Internet, we’ve got some pointers for you. ..." 

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