Sunday, August 2, 2015

Affirmative Consent For Sex Rule In Place At University Of Minnesota

Posted in Sexual Abuse 7/8/2015

"... In a very not so sexy move, the University of Minnesota is putting the Affirmative Consent Rule into place this year, which is basically you having to agree to have sex before you have sex. This is all part of the “Yes Means Yes” feminism movement, which is supposed to cut down on the number of sexual assaults and rapes on campus. ..."

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Fatherhood And Marriage Bring Out The Best In Men

Posted in Fatherhood 7/6/2015

"... The institution of fatherhood is not merely a passé throwback to the mid-20th century. Active and engaged fatherhood is an integral part of nature’s design. As Rutgers University’s David Popenoe states, “The contribution of fathers to child-rearing is unique and irreplaceable.” ..."

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