Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Bill Would Have Teachers Diagnose Psychological Issues in Children And Report Them To Police

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Thefreethoughtproject.com 4/1/2015

"... Now with H.B. 985, Villalba intends to give school officials the authority to force psychological screenings of students that teachers and staff diagnose as having mental health issues. Once the process is set in motion by school officials, parents would be forced to take their child to a mental health professional within 30 days, under threat of suspension of the child from school. ..."

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The Atlas Of Educational Equity For Men And Boys

Posted in Education

Avoiceformalestudents.com 4/1/2015

"...Welcome to the Atlas! This key AVFMS resource aims to help site users learn about local issues and developments, as well as connect with others to perform advocacy in their area. Clicking on a particular geographic area will take you to all AVFMS content for that particular state, country, or continent. ..."

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Feet: The Foundation For Fitness And Health

Posted in Fitness

Philly.com 3/31/2015

"... Feet are a part of the anatomy many exercisers ignore while pounding the treadmill or honing a headstand, but fitness experts say they are the very foundation of physical well-being. A quarter of the body's bones are contained in the feet and ankles. It is where most movement begins and, much like a building’s foundation, it determines stability. ..."

Read the entire article: http://www.philly.com/philly/health/sportsmedicine/20150330_Reuters_Report_KBN0MQ162_Feet__the_foundation_for_fitness_and_health.html 

Study Reveals High–Cholesterol Diet Increases Spread Of Prostate Cancer

Posted in Prostate Cancer

Medicalxpress.com 3/31/2015

"... University of Queensland research has shown that a high-cholesterol diet increases the spread of prostate cancer tumours to lymph nodes, lungs and bones. UQ Diamantina Institute study leader Dr Michelle Hill said the research highlighted why it is important for patients with prostate cancer to choose a low-cholesterol diet. ..."

Read the entire article: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-03-reveals-highcholesterol-diet-prostate-cancer.html 

A Nutrition Prescription For A Healthier America

Posted in Nutrition

Huffingtonpost.com 3/31/2015

"... Good nutrition is an important protective factor against obesity and the preventable diseases associated with this condition. Proper nutrition is also essential for children's growth and development. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating right and getting the recommended amount of physical activity can decrease the likelihood of overweight and obesity. ..."

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Dieting And Regular Exercise As Effective As Weight Loss Surgery, Expert Claims

Posted in Weight Loss

Inquisitr.com 3/31/2015

"... According to UCLA’s Dr Robert Huizenga, a good diet and exercising for four hours per day is preferable and as effective as weight loss surgery, and certainly a whole lot safer. Dr Huizenga claims that his extreme diet and exercise regime is far better than traditional bariatric surgery as a way of losing weight and living a healthy life. ..."

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Mental Health Therapy Through Social Networking Could Soon Be A Reality

Posted in Mental Health

Time.com 3/31/2015

"... An experimental social networking platform intent on helping users calm anxiety and reverse symptoms of depression has received positive feedback. Researchers found that the network, which is still being studied and has yet to be commercialized, produced “significant benefits, particularly for depressed individuals.” ..."

Read the entire article: http://time.com/3764869/panoply-social-networks-mental-health-health-depression/ 


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