Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Male Victims Of Sexual Violence Struggle For Voice

Posted in Sexual Abuse 6/3/2015

"... The problems facing boys and men who suffer sexual violence was the focus of an international five-day conference in Phnom Penh this week, where 300 attendees from 70 countries gathered to present research and highlight the pressing need for a change in how male victims are viewed by society. ..."

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What You Need To Know About Travel And Summer Fitness

Posted in Fitness 6/2/2015

"... Having a job that keeps you on the road or just vacationing for several days at a time has the potential to ruin your diet and your exercise program. If you still want to get in your workout and eat the right things, do some planning. ..."

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The Male Suicides: Social Perfectionism Is Killing Men — And Things Are Getting Worse

Posted in Mental Health 6/2/2015

"... Nearly eight in ten of all suicides are male – a figure that has been rising for over three decades. In 2013, if you were a man between the ages of 20 and 49 who’d died, the most likely cause was not assault nor car crash nor drug abuse nor heart attack, but a decision that you didn’t wish to live any more. ..."

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In North Carolina, Prostate Cancer Attacks Black Men At A Startling Rate

Posted in Prostate Cancer 6/2/2015

"... The likelihood of black men getting prostate cancer and dying from it represent two of the biggest gaps between the health of black and white men in the United States. The gulf is particularly wide in North Carolina, where the odds of dying from prostate cancer are among the worst in the nation. ..."

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Black Dads May Not Be At Home, But They're Still In Kids’ Lives

Posted in Fatherhood 6/1/2015

"... According to CDC, black patriarchs are the likeliest of all men to be stay-at-home dads (13 percent of black dads who live with their children are), while 29 percent of black fathers are single heads of their households. ..."

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