Friday, January 20, 2017

Headed For Divorce Court? Here Are Your Top 5 Financial Musts

Posted in Divorce 12/26/2016

"... The big financial decisions in life require both planning and, often, advice from professionals. However, people undergoing a divorce often go through the experience without either a safety net or an understanding of how much their lives will be affected by the decisions they make. ..."

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Why Parental Alienation Is Harmful To Children's Psychological Health

Posted in Parental Alienation 12/26/2016

"... In some instances, the alienating parent creates a huge gap by threat, urging the kids to cut off ties with the other parent. The rift may cause dramatics changes to the children's attitude,outlook in life and their relationship with the targeted parent. ..."

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Celebrity Divorce Shocker: Danny Devito & Rhea Perlman's $140 Million Split

Posted in Entertainment News 12/22/2106

"... Four years after the couple’s last breakup, Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman have decided to call it quits for good. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Danny Devito and his Cheers legend wife, Rhea Perlman have split up once again. Friends of the couple told Radar Online that “this time it looks like the end.” ..."

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Prince William Jokes With Michael Phelps About Fatherhood

Posted in Entertainment News 12/22/2016

"... What do British and Olympic royalty, Prince William and Michael Phelps, have in common? Fatherhood! The British royal and retired swimmer crossed paths on December 18 at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, where the pair bonded over being parents to little ones. ..."

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People Are Giving Up Instead Of Moving To Opportunity -- And That's Not Good

Posted in Jobs & Employment 12/21/2016

"... But geographic mobility has been declining in America for decades, and new research shows that over the last 25 years—and contrary to our stories of the past—people have rarely moved in response to local economic downturns. ..."

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