Sunday, February 25, 2018

Is There a Link between Dental Health and Men’s Fertility?

Posted in Sex/Fertility

By Dr. Satish Pai - Talking About Men's Health 1/24/18

"...Neglecting your dental health can put you at greater risk for heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and other medical issues. According to new research, it may also affect your ability to have a child someday. ..."

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Fabricius Study Destroys Two Objections to Shared Parenting

Posted in Child Custody

By Robert Franklin - National Parents Organization 1/19/2018

"...A soon-to-be-published survey of Arizona family court judges, attorneys, mental health providers and mediators drives a stake into the heart of two of the common objections to shared parenting laws raised by (usually) family attorneys. ..."

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4 Child Support Issues Facing Divorced Dads

Posted in Child Support

By Shawn Garrison - Dads Divorce

"...There are numerous child support issues that cause persistent headaches for divorced dads. The fact is, the modern child support system is laced with errors and inefficiencies that do more to rip families apart than actually support them. ..."

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Investigative Reporter's Special Delivery: Bad Judges and Lawyers Finally Meet their Makers

Posted in Family Law Issues

By Jane and John Q. Public - January 17. 2018

"...Are bad lawyers and judges born that way? Probably not. Probably formed over  time by being involved in a corrupt system where public protection watchdogs, local law enforcement agencies and colleagues in the biz tolerate their conduct, Which gets worse over time. ..."

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Drake Reportedly Accepts Former Porn Star’s Baby Boy As His After Controversial Paternity Test [Rumors]

Posted in Entertainment & Sports

By inquisitr 1/14/2018

"...Drake reportedly sent a private jet for Sophie in order to meet him and take a paternity test. The former porn star even shared several photos of herself and the baby boarding what seems to be a private plane. In her post, Sophie proudly said that her baby is living a good life at such a young age. ..."

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